The follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2014 debut, 'Travail.'

After disrupting the modern progressive metal world with their critically acclaimed 2014 debut 'Travail,' A Sense of Gravity have returned to the scene with the 12 song, 67-minute masterpiece 'Atrament.' The new album amplifies the best elements of 'Travail' with even catchier arrangements, grander symphonic orchestration, more ridiculous virtuosity and with it all sonically enriched by Simone Mularoni's world-class mixing and mastering.


Six polite, well-educated gentlemen that make metal.

Combining searing riffs with powerful melodies, contemporary harmony, polyrhythmic grooves, and virtuosic solos, A Sense of Gravity is dedicated above all to strong, musical composition and moving songwriting. Formed in 2011, the Seattle band spent their first years crafting the unique sound they are known for today by fusing modern progressive metal with classic prog, death metal, jazz fusion, and the occasional dose of cinematic orchestral music.

In 2014, the six-piece released their debut album Travail, which was received with worldwide critical acclaim, drawing comparisons to bands such as Between the Buried and Me, Dream Theater, and Meshuggah. Described as "…already bringing an A-game strong enough to potentially dethrone the long-seated kings of the genre," A Sense of Gravity have returned after two years of passionate dedication to their craft with the natural follow-up to their debut: Atrament, a 67-minute masterpiece of progressive metal.

Brendon Williams


Brendon founded ASOG in 2011 with ex-guitarist David McDaniel with the goal of creating a unique take on the progressive metal genre. He has a degree in jazz music composition and a master's degree in film scoring, and currently works as a composer for video games, film, and advertising.

C.J. Jenkins


After replying to the band's Craigslist ad seeking a vocalist with two vocal covers, Slayer's "Altar of Sacrifice" and Nightingale's "Alonely," C.J. auditioned for and eventually joined the band as ASOG's first official vocalist in 2011. He has been playing guitar since he was 12 and sang/acted in musicals as a child.

Morgan Wick


Morgan joined A Sense of Gravity in 2015 as a guitarist/co-writer and is dedicated to helping continue their original brand of progressive metal. He has a degree in classical guitar performance and currently teaches privately and performs across the northwest.

Brandon Morris


Brandon was asked to join A Sense of Gravity shortly after their EP was released in 2011, so that he could integrate his epic keyboard and guitar skills into the band's sound. He is a classically trained pianist with a degree in music composition.

Pete Breene


Pete successfully auditioned for A Sense of Gravity in 2011 and delivers the heavy-hitting progressive metal style of drumming for which they are known. Pete studied music at UNLV and has an ongoing project called Killjar for which he composes. He also performs with Arisen from Nothing.

Chance Unterseher


Chance joined A Sense of Gravity in 2012 as their bassist. He is endorsed by Spector Basses and has extensive touring experience with his former band, Rowan. He once sang in the ACDA National Honor Boy Choir.


2014 - TRAVAIL


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